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Please Drive Safely
From an email at work:

The number of truck-involved highway fatalities decreased in 2005, while the overall rate of fatalities rose for the first time since 1986, according to figures released Tuesday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

According to NHTSA, truck-related fatalities decreased 0.4% to 5,212 compared with 5,235 in 2004. The number had increased two straight years.

The fatality rate among all vehicles was 1.47 per 100 million miles traveled, up from 1.45 in 2004. The number of deaths rose 1.4% to 43,443 from 42,836.

NHTSA also said truck occupant deaths rose 4.8% to 803, up from 766 in 2004. Total people injured in truck-involved crashes - including truck occupants, other vehicle occupants and non-occupants - declined 1.7% to 114,000 from 116,000.

The truck fatality rate won't be available until later this year, after the number of truck miles traveled is calculated.

"We are pleased to see that both fatality and injury figures in truck-involved crashes are trending downward," said Bill Graves, president of American Trucking Associations. "These numbers highlight the successful efforts of the trucking industry to increase safety on the nation's highways and illustrate the continuing improvement in highway safety among our professional drivers."

Motorcycle fatalities increased to 4,553 from 4,028, and almost half of those who died in such accidents last year were not wearing helmets, NHTSA said. Pedestrian deaths rose to 4,881 from 4,675.

There, did my part to spread the word.
Post By (v)orpheus
Aug 24, 2006, 4:09pm

Can you park this car?
Post By (v)orpheus
Aug 18, 2006, 3:27pm

Are You Protected?
Got this with my TigerDirect.com's email ad. Just thought I would spread the info.


If you're like me, you protect your electronics using a surge protector or combo UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with surge protection. For example, in my house, I have surge protectors on the home theater, the bedroom TVs, and UPS' on all of my PCs.

But...Even though I THOUGHT I was protected...During a recent lightning storm I lost hundreds of dollars of equipment. I lost my DSL modem, fried my router, lost the NIC on a PC, and lost ALL of my Direct TV tuners...I never thought this could happen to me...Really, I was shocked. I mean, you know this stuff happens, but you never think it'll happen to you.

Of course, then my wife asks me, "But Carl, wasn't all of that protected?"

I had protected myself...but only partially. I had failed to connect the DSL phone line through the phone filters. Plus, when I upgraded the TVs, I hadn't connected the coaxial cable through the cable protection. As a result, the electrical surge was blocked on the electrical outlets, but still surged via the phone and cable lines. The phone surge obliterated the sensitive DSL modem, router, and the NIC on my PC. Plus, my Direct TV tuners were annihilated from the surge that hit the cable lines.

Let's just say...it wasn't pretty around the Fiorentino household that evening.

So today, I'd like you to review your connections. Checkout your network, your home theater, and your PC. Ask yourself, "Am I protected?"

Don't let this happen to you...Protect your gear today. It's so easy. And far cheaper than having to buy new gear. Trust me!


Carl Fiorentino
President, TigerDirect.com
Post By (v)orpheus
Aug 1, 2006, 11:53am

Insults Thread
Alright Guys, starting a thread to keep the laughs alive in the way we know best.. insulting each other. and to hopefully have a post every day to read, or maybe more depending on how creative you all can get..

I ask that you keep it to 3 lines or below, preferebly "you are" or "your mama is" jokes and keep the yo mama jokes to only very original ones, meaning you made it up.

Have fun bashing each other =)
Post By CheckMate
Jul 13, 2006, 9:50am

Plane rec video
For those of you who know of my friend Andy and his plane crash, here's the news footage from the accident: CBS 4. This happened a couple of years ago to a friends of mine whom I had never met in real life, only chatted with online. Anyways, I finally found the video, so I thought I would posted it for you to watch (I know u don't really care, but take a look at what remains of the plane.) Andy was the "passenger" the guy refers to.

Note: I had to open it in I.E. as it wouldn't play in FF, and you need to allow popups.
Post By (v)orpheus
May 31, 2006, 2:22pm

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