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I'm not camping, i was hiding so I could eat sum candy. - Woody

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Oldies but Goodies
List your favorite Old Games and the system they were for:

Lets say, it has to be Genesis/Supernintendo or before.. so for PC, lets say 93 or before?? Not sure with dates, but you get the idea... something with 2d graphics

Post By CheckMate
Dec 5, 2006, 12:08pm

Favorite First Person shooters
CS obviously #1, so dont list that... but from there on, list your favorites in order until you have no more favorites

Heres mine:

2: Goldeneye
3: Half-Life
4: Team Fortress Classic
5: Farcry
6: Quake
7: Wolfenstein
8: Doom
Post By CheckMate
Dec 5, 2006, 12:05pm

Best Games of All Time
Everyone can vote:

List your 5 Favorite Games EVER made, and once we get everyone's opinion, will total them up and list FITH top 5 favorite games

Post By CheckMate
Dec 4, 2006, 4:58pm

I may be marking myself crazy here but I'm saying it anyway:

Any of you have dreams sometimes, and you wake up and think.. wow I could capture that dream into a movie script and produce it, it would be the greatest movie ever.

A lot of nights I have really vivd dreams, and for the most part they aren't completely random and have a good storyline, tons of action, and when I wake up, I want to go right back to sleep to continue the dream.. And the best part is you can go right back to sleep and leave off where you were... The mind is an amazing thing

This morning I was pissed off though becuase my alarm went off and I had to get up for work, so I couldnt return to my dream which was a really good one... but the sad thing, I dont have a clue what it was about now.. I only remember I wanted to get back to it this morning.. I cant really remember any of my dreams unless its after I just wake up but I know so many of them are really good.

The best ones usually come after watching another good movie, and then I recreate it in my head except im the star.. so maybe thats why I want to get back to them so bad... to other people they probably suck lol but when your the star its different.

But I think if iI could get paid toproduce a movie, then i could come up with something very original and comical at the same time... So many movies are just repeats, or remakes of old movies.

I think i have a pretty good imagination and if someone could pay me 50 million to make a movie.. itd be pretty damn good id hope.

If I ever take control of my career, I'd like to get into the commercial business, and come up with ideas for those.. and maybe that would someday lead to movie making... If only I wasn't so lazy

Post By CheckMate
Dec 1, 2006, 2:03pm

Lets try this topic

Im an aetheist

So yea im all about science and good ol Darwin's Evolution.

Science or evidence is what makes sense to me, I dont belive in any kind of magic, all powerful being, or anything that can't be proved by science. I dont believe in ghosts, or any of that voodoo shit. Until I see a ghost with my own eyes AND a witness's eyes seeing the EXACT same thing (Otherwise its just me going crazy in the head), it is all a bunch of lunies makes this shit up, and they see what their brain wants them to see. Until I see a fortune teller tell me my deepest of secrets or knowledge that noone in the world could possibly know about me will i ever belive that these are psychics out there.

The only shit that really gets me thinking, is space. Aliens.. they have to be out there, all these galaxies, you know theres other life forms out there.. I dont necessarily think they are going to be super geniuses like they are always made out to be, but maybe abominations or creatues, or just harmless animals somewhere in this universe... and does the universe ever end?? is it limitless space with trillions of galaxies.. I never really read much about space and what we know as of today.. im guessing not much because we can leave our galaxy or even travel a few planets out.. I dont think well ever meet aliens in our lifetime, or ever have technology to explore the galaxy... thats one thing I wish I could stay alive to find out about.

Another thing that makes me ponder is life.. we live and then die.. and never live again.. Remember no religion here, I believe we die, get buried and thats the end of us.. no reincarnation crap. But what should we really make of our lives... god know realistically most of us will only have an impact on our immediate friends and family.. we will do nothing significant in our lives to be remember in the future, and then it will be over. The thing that will last the longest is just a name on the Family Tree.. Should life be more than that, should I get off my lazy ass some day and make a difference with something... Nope, i dont care to.. Im content being a nothing to the future, and just living my current life happy and to create a family that will endure another generation.

Ok time to go home, hopefully this sparks some good convo. Later
Post By CheckMate
Nov 30, 2006, 5:00pm

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