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"If I had a million dollars..."
The thought of winning the lottery always brings a smile to my face. I love to dream of winning the big one, and how I would live life and spend all the $. And this gives me something to write about to keep forums active.

Be honest and share how you would spend your big winnings.

The hardest question is how much to give away to friends and family, you have to budget it so you aren't giving away too much, but you want to give enough away to really make their lives easier.

So for $ sake, lets say the lottery is $10 MILLION after taxes. I would say 2 million could be given away and that would be sufficient, but it also depends on how many friends/family you have to give away to. I figure an estimate of 30 people to give money to. So that is only a bit over $65,000.00 each person which isn't much at all, but at least it would be a huge help t waht they want to spend it towards. My parents, I think I would give $500k to, so 2.5 million given away I guess.

Now for the other 7.5 million, I would say 3 million towards a house, and another 1.5 million towards vacation homes.

That leaves 3 million, another million to all the entertainment. This includes automobiles, which would include a kick ass camper, a pimped out SUV, an original Hummer for offroading, 3 sports cars for daily driving, and a luxury car. A boat or two for the waterfront house. Build a LAN center with all high tech video games, golf simulations, and 10 computers maybe for LANing. A movie theater, bowling alley, arcades, pool tables, ping pong tables all for the house. So yea, maybe like 2 million to that lol.

Now that just leaves $1 million for investing... hmm. I am not a big fan of stocks. I would probably buy a golf course, maybe cut spending elsewhere, and build a golf course. Not sure the costs there, I am thinking 2.5 million. But that would be a decent source of income, and a fun job for me to have to keep me busy.

Never really know what I would do until I actually won, but I think the above would be a base start. Would probably be a lot more wise on saving thought if it came down to it. Plus there are all the extras of going out, gas, insurance, taxes, advisors, etc that would need an extra side million to cover.

I would definitely just take a few years off though and explore the world, probably most trips with you guys, all expenses paid.

In the end, $10 million doesnt go as far as you'd expect. Could be easy to spend all that in 5 years lol. WOuld definitely have to be smart about it. With my office pool, we would only really end up with 3 million after a $270 million jackpot. so that would go even less. Mostly just towards a home, a few cars and entertainment, and a home-business of choice.
Post By CheckMate
Feb 22, 2008, 6:29pm

My 500th Post
do i get a cookie?
Post By wusamata
Feb 20, 2008, 7:46pm

Age of Conan
I know none of you probably won't get into it.. but here is a really good video showing a lot of the features of AOC, including game design, combat, mounted combat, siege pvp, and player owned cities.

Video Mirror 1

if that link does not work:

Vider Mirror 2 (click on the (+) in the middle window)
Post By wusamata
Feb 20, 2008, 7:25pm

Holy jesus
I might have to turn off digital vibrance now.. Site looks good but is blinding lol. =D
Post By fear
Feb 19, 2008, 1:22am

Table Tennis
I was bored, so figured I would brush up on my table tennis rules as there are always arguments that arise with friends, not including you guys.

One rule I didn't know about is that even if you hit a ball that is clearly going off the table, it is still your point as your opponent failed to make a legal return and it is illegel to hit it before it bounces which I didn't know about either:

Question: Are volleys allowed in table tennis, as they are allowed in tennis?

Answer: No. If you volley the ball (hit it prior to its bounce) over the table surface you lose the point. If you try to volley the ball after it has missed the table, the point is yours as your opponent failed to make a legal return.

Another good one I foudn to remember is it CAN hit the net assembly anywwhere and still be considered legal if it bounces onto right side of table and is over net. So if it hit the metal post and bounced in and hit table, it is legal.

It is legal to switch racket hands, which is good to know becuase that is how I am playing my cousins now, have to hit each consecutive shot with a different hand.

Another good one, if you attempt to serve the ball and miss completely, it is a point for opponent.

I also found out that competitively, my services are not legal, you are required to toss the ball vertically 6 inches in air and hit it on its descent. The ball must be behind the end line as well, cant be above the table for instance and cant be to the side at all. I will have to work on this =/ Never threw the ball before.

Any movement of table during play is a point to other team -- have to be careful during smashes, or leaning in to hit a short shot.
Post By CheckMate
Feb 18, 2008, 8:59pm

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