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CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR 3 (at least 1 starter)

If you are interested in joining, here are the steps you must follow::

1) Read our Rules (or see next post)!

2) Download mIRC and HIX Script, Chatzilla, Trillian, or some other IRC program. If I don't respond, it's because I am not around (I idle all day long) or scrimming. Do not bug me, or you will be banned.

4) Make a post in this forum, topic as your name: Describe everything about yourself that we would actually care about. This includes, your
steam id,
level of seriousness with cs,
if you can be honest, let us know if your moody.

Heres what we are looking for:
- 20+,
- East obviously, ping well to our GameServer server.
- Decent past clans, never hacked, and have no bad history within cs
- Serious enough to try and win every time, but not psychotic like prow and follow cs like its your life =) a good mix of having fun and making sure we win, is what we want
- No women, everyone has bad days, but don't get bitchy all the time, theres a lot of hackers, but don't whine to the point noone can stand you.

5) When trying out, DO NOT ASK US IF YOU'RE IN YET, we will obviously let you know when we want to have you join the team. Prow may even beg. But just keep playing happily and don't bother us about getting into clan, were not going anywhere.

6) Stick around for more than a week, prove your active, fun, and are compatible with at least most of the clan.

7) When clan members come on, be the big man, and offer your position to these members so we don't have to ask you to leave. Do NOT bitch if asked to sit for a member, your chances are gone if you act this way. Seniority will be of some value in the clan, and our valued members will have preference of play.

Cool Once you are accepted into clan, continue to hold respect for EVERYONE in the clan, and go through the appropriate people to handle situations that arise. We go through new members very fast as they get in a tiff with one player and resolve it by fighting until they are kicked. Respect everyone in the clan...

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Jun 23, 2006, 11:21am View (v)orpheus's Profile Private Message (v)orpheus

Poster Message
Owners/Senior Leaders

Rule #1: Any member ever found hacking with the tag will immediately be kicked with no chance of ever playing with the clan again. I don't care if it's a pub or a scrim, if you have tag on, you are gone. I watch carefully every single person in the clan, and do not take this issue lightly. Counter-strike only has one flaw in my eyes, and that is hacking. I used to love pubbing but havent really done it in over a year because of all the hackers. Every night we seem to find a hacker in scrims now as well, and i will not let anyone in my clan follow in other clans footsteps. Now in scrims, we are accusing almost everyone because we are so used to everyone hacking... its never possible to tell if someone is legit anymore. I Hope I have portrayed myself in the past that I am probably one of the most strict people in cs regarding hacking, and I hope you arent dumb enough to betray me. Get legit, or quit

Rule #2: Don't sound like your 12, don't act like your 12, and don't mm1 like your 12.

Rule #3: Have fun for the most part, but serious enough to want to and attempt to win every scrim. I am not one for losing, ask anyone i know and realize I am a very bad sport, lucky for me I almost never lose in any sports, board games, or acitivites I play. So yes have fun, but when it comes time to buckle down and own... break out the skillz, and leave out the bullshit.

Rule #4: With whatever you do, make sure you are giving Fear in the Heart a good name...

Rule #5: I am asking that everyone please try and check the website once a day, if not more. As well as try and talk more in the shoutbox and forums. I know you all have a lot to say. I will create a channel in vent with the website there as a reminder to everyone, I hate the white pop up that alot fo clans use when u join ventrilo, so i will not be implementing that. I want to try and find someone that knows a thing or two about bots for MIRC, and have them set up one that advertises the website, every 2 hours or something. I would like if people created binds, for the end of every good and legit scrim, that says something along the lines of good game, please idle # fith, and visit us at www.fearintheheart.com. Thank You. If we could all create binds for that and try to do that religously at the end of every scrim, it would be greatly appreciated by me and im sure by the opposing team as well.

Rule #6 (Appended by Morph): The website, private server, and vent costs us money each month. We encourage every member to contribute to the clan in any way that they can. Since we do not have our bandwidth or servers donated/sponsoered, we have to pay our bills every month to keep things going. For those of you who can, we ask that you make a monetary contribution in whatever denomination you'd like. Every little bit counts. Please make a donation of at least a mere $5 each month to cover these costs.

Just as a general criteria, I would like less people to say oh their hacking when they die. I know i need to work on this as well, and prowler most definitely does as well. If you think someone is bs, just say ok everyone please keep an eye on so and so. And let the team make a decision on this. We all need to stop ranting oh that was so bullshit blah blah blah. It should help in us talking less while others are alive, which is very annoying to those still trying to play. Like i said, the two leaders, me and prowler, are some of the worst in doing this, and shall work on this issue as well. But my main thing is, if you think someone is cheating, DO NOT mm1 and get a huge gay ass fight ebtween two teams which happens alot. If they start the mm1, just ignore it please. So no smart ass remarks when someone gets a really great shot, or what may be a bullshit shot on you.

Me and prowler are lenient on these rules besides Rule #1, even the other rules we break sometimes.. Hes more lenient than I, so keep that in mind while on vent and in scrims. I dont think anyone who has given me attitude or pissed me off just once is in the clan anymore, if that helps with you knowing my tolerance.

Good luck and hope you enjoy the clan



Jun 23, 2006, 12:01pm View (v)orpheus's Profile Private Message (v)orpheus
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